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So you’re ready for a new website? Let’s begin.

Good website design isn’t rocket science.

Your website design doesn’t have to be complicated. One of our favorite analogies is that tires all share one thing in common – they’re all round. If you’re of the mindset that most websites look similar, you’re right and there’s a reason for that – they work.

The goal in website design is to push a visitor’s eyes down the page to give them a little but of background on your company’s services and goods and then prompt the visitor to either purchase a product or contact you directly.

Don’t agonize over your website design – the images and the text are what matters.

It Starts With a Plan.

What pages do you need? Home, About Us, etc. Who is your audience? What are you selling? Do you have pictures? We’ll help you craft your plan and your message.

Content is King.

You’ll need a basic story about your company, your services and why people should buy from you. And when they’re ready to buy, make that process really easy.

Call to Action

What is the goal of the site? To get people to order online? To come to your shop? Will you be doing online sales? You want to convert leads into customers, so have a plan.

Let’s Get Started

This free guide shows you what’s involved with building a website.

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Our Website Prep Checklist.

Any good website design plan starts with a discussion about your goals.


Your website design plan should start with a review. We look at your site’s backend to examine the structure.  To do this, we’ll need to get access, so you should have your logins for your website and your hosting platform ready.  Once we look at the backend, we will know how to approach the project and will make our recommendations.

You should have at least a general idea of how many pages you’ll need and what content will go on each page. Examples: Home – About Us – Services – Clients – Portfolio – Shop – Contact. It’s important to have a good vision of exactly what you need up front, as our quote is based on this initial communication. More importantly, a good plan will help you deliver a clear message to customers.

The images on your website are important elements of a successful website design. It’d be nice if everyone had big, beautiful photos to use on their site, but most companies don’t. Don’t get stressed if you don’t have the photos. We can pull from several image libraries that usually have suitable images to at least get you up and running. If your business is highly specialized, at some point, you’ll want to get photos done, but that won’t delay us from building your site.

Decide what you are selling online (if anything) early on. If you’re going to do online transactions, you’ll need a merchant account setup with Authorize.net, or an alternative online payment method (i.e. Paypal, Stripe, etc.) We can walk you through the many, many available options. For complex eCommerce sites, we can walk you through the various options for coupons, variable pricing, abandoned cart emails, retargeting ads and so forth.


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