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Digital Marketing
For Businesses of All Sizes.

We work with a wide range of businesses. From small businesses
and retailers to E-Commerce clients who sell predominantly online.



Websites. SEO.
Pay Per Click.

We can manage your digital marketing from soup to nuts.
Local search. Organic search. Website development. and Pay Per Click.



Your image is your brand. Your online presence builds an image for your brand.


By creating brand awareness, you are taking the first step in connecting with customers.


The goal is to promote trial of your products or services. This is the essence of lead conversion.


Enhance your referral business and online reputation through post-sale communication.

Deliver your message where it will be seen.

More than 90% of online shoppers are using a mobile device. If your website isn’t “mobile responsive,” your message might be lost.


A Few Kind Words From…

Just some of the many, many clients with whom we’ve worked over the years. 


Your Brand is Your Business. Getting it right is ours.

Whether you need a website, email marketing, or a social media engagement strategy, let us show you options that fit your budget, your business and your brand.

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Your Website is a Silent Sales Representative

Your website is live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. What does it say about your company?

Your website doesn't have to be elaborate, but it has to communicate your message and motivate people to inquire. It must outline what you do, show why you're good at it, and it has to capture leads for further discussion.


Understanding your buyer's persona is the key.

To tailor your message, you must first understand the needs of your customers.

We can show you the tools to use to assist you in developing a clear picture of your customers. From this, your message needs to be tailored to address their needs. This includes your website, social media efforts and your email marketing campaigns.


Find, connect with and engage your customers.

Understanding where your customers are and what form of messaging resonates is essential.

Social media marketing is more complex than ever. Today, with a myriad of platforms from which to choose, you have to identify which is best, what message will engage your customers and how to track KPIs. We'll show you how.


Shotgun marketing is dead.

The old days of buying print ads and wondering where leads come from are over.

Today's complex digital advertising landscape requires expertise in a wide range of disciplines. You must plan, create, distribute and analyze your campaigns. We'll help you optimize your spend, maximize your reach and delight your customers.

Our Customer’s Stories.

Most of customers are small businesses with modest budgets and big dreams. Here’s how we helped them.


Agave Oil is manufacturer of plant-based hair care products with global distribution. Their customers are predominantly licensed professionals from salons, boutiques and suppliers of salons but they also sell direct to consumers. Their old website was being held hostage by a monthly-service-fee kind of company. To get around this, we built a new site in parallel on another hosting platform, and took over their entire digital marketing effort. We’re now in our fourth year of this relationship.

Alchemy Fine Home is a company specializing in high-end furniture and table top items. They compete with the likes of Perigold, Kathy Kuo and to an extent Wayfair. They came to us maximize their paid search efforts in order to compete with rivals spending 2-5x what they were spending. Not only did their sales go up during COVID, they continue to ride the wave of steady and respectable growth.


Boyd Coddington Wheels came to us with a 1o year old website that was neglected due to a change of ownership. With a relatively low skew count,  Shopify didn’t make sense for them – especially given the $60,000 quotes they were receiving from other digital marketing providers.

We built their website from scratch in just 3 weeks at a fraction of the cost they were originally being quoted.

First month results have been exemplary, with a 1300% increase in viewers and a 600% increase in conversions.

We manage several digital marketing efforts for a variety of attorneys in various parts of the USA as a white label service for an attorney referral group.

From web development and management to paid search, SEO, CRM automation, SMS and email campaign oversight, our experience in this vertical goes back almost ten years.


We specialize in helping small businesses make a big impression. 

Our Creative Gurus

We don’t consider ourselves to be small. We prefer the term “agile.”

Craig L

Craig has been in marketing since 1992 working on both sides of the agency/client relationship. He founded Imaginate Media in 2010, At first, serving as a consultant for digital marketing endeavors with clients like JD Powers, Lexus. In 2012, the Company started servicing clients with full digital media services.

VP of Business Development
Michael M

Michael is the agency's top partner and focuses on Corporate accounts. He has more than 30 years experience in advertising. Michael's primary role is to work with B2B partners to procure projects for our company and to maintain relationships with ad agencies in nurturing our white label services.

Agency Director
Joy L

Joy is a founding partner and handles oversight of our subcontracted work from our Agency partners. She manages a small group of subcontractors and provides project management for our Shopify clients.

VP of eCommerce
Anh V

18 years of experience with eCommerce sites, particularly in the Fashion and CPG industries. Anh oversees day to day management of our fashion brand clients' eCommerce sites, including paid search, email, SMS, merchandising and catalog oversight.

Web Design & Full Stack Developer
Kamran A

Kamran handles much of the web work for our WordPress and Shopify clients. His expertise comes from knowing how to streamline sites to make them run faster and scale better in mobile devices.

Shaun H

Shaun is a full-stack developer, working PHP, Magento, Shopify, JS, CSS, HTML5, etc. His primary role is the heavy lifting for complex eCommerce websites and custom functionality.

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Web Design

Email Marketing

Graphic Design

Content/Inbound Marketing

Social Media Management

Video Production


We can help you identify your customers and develop a profile that help you shape the buyer's journey.


Once they visit your site, you need to convert them into buyers. This means a powerful call to action and landing pages.


Turn these leads into customers through a process of offering information. Once the customer trusts you, your lead becomes a customer.


Impress them with your service, and thank them for their patronage. But don't forget to stay in contact.

Ready to grow your business?

We’ll help you develop your plan based on your budget, your needs and your timeline. 

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